Christopher Perry
  • Flat Packed Folding Fish Slice
  • Flat Packed Folding Fish Slice

Flat Packed Folding Fish Slice

Commissioned by Prof Seymour Rabinovitch in 2005, the last in his collection of 99 broad based servers. They are now part of the Victoria and Albert Museums silver collection.

Flat Double skinned folding slice with three hinges that turn on multiple knuckles. An ingenious disposition of hidden small circular magnets hold the leaves in place. The server shows the understanding of practical function and integration with human capability that characterize his designs.

  • Material: Sterling Silver

"I first met Christopher at an exhibition of the work of young smiths at the Goldsmiths’ Hall. I was taken by the fact that his serving pieces that were on display showed a keen interest in, and attention to the physical aspects of their use. His designs revealed a subtle understanding of shape and its integration in use with human and anatomical function."

Professor Rabinovitch